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Something is buzzing

During the Covid lockdown, Annika and her husband Mike McGee started mixing drinks to seek out a beverage that had different qualities than other RTDs currently on the market. After months of mixing and tasting with friends, they knew something could come from what they created. Annika then reached out to her pickleball friend, Dr. Kathy Johanson, who is an educator, philanthropist, and a successful business owner, to join the hive and in doing so created, Fizzy Beez! 

Fizzy Beez is a full-flavored canned cocktail with an ABV of 5%, 140 calories, and utilizes organic honey to make these drinks un-bee-lievably delicious. Fizzy Beez comes in 4-pack cans in 4 great flavors: Mojito, Cosmo, Margarita, and Moscow Mule.

As of 9 A.M. on February 2nd, Fizzy Beez had officially started canning the Mojito recipe out of Taft’s Brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio. Brand Manager, Adam S., had the opportunity to catch up with the Founding members to discuss flavors, presentation, and even be a part of the commercial photo-op at a local cafe. During this excursion, the visit to the cafe was very fortuitous because while visiting, the Fizzy Beez swarm happened to run into the local beekeeping society known as the Queen City Pollinator Project. Little did they know did they were to become the center of attention that day only to discuss bees, alcohol, and a little bit of honey.

Other than being fellow bee-lovers, this was an excellent talking point to invite them to try the product because of the ethically farmed organic honey and the Fizzy Beez Brand Promise. The Fizzy Beez promise is to continually focus on helping the planet by employing sustainable business practices through recycling, supporting ethically farmed organic honey companies, and much more. Their QR code on the side of the can will take consumers directly to their foundation page. 

The day was packed with so much positive buzzing that team Fizzy Beez is excited to get things going! Fizzy Beez is set to launch at the beginning of March.

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