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"Love the variety of the 4 different flavors, each were very different and delicious. It is also so great that money is given back to bee keepers!" - Gabby N.

"I love everything about this product from the cute logo to the organic honey, lower calorie mock tails. I tried all 4 drinks and I love the real fresh flavors of the fruit and how it’s sweetened by natural organic honey instead of artificial sweeteners or cane sugar. They are refreshing without being too carbonated and no weird aftertaste. I will be stocking up on Fizzy Beez instead of those other brands that have no flavor. And I love that they donate money to our local pollinators. What a class act." - Krista K.

"Flavorful and refreshing! Great balance of flavor and sweetness, without being overly sweet." - Rachel F.

"Just experienced all 4 flavors of Fizzy Bees. As a semi-connoisseur of RTD libations, I am thrilled. LOVED the Cosmo as it brings life & brightness to your typical martini. The “Fizz” adds a new texture to a classic, with cranberry you can taste instead of guessing if it exists. The Moscow Mule has an extra kick of intense ginger that cleanses the palette. Love the clean zing of the Mule!" - Debbie F.

"OMG I just tried all 4 flavors and can't decide which is the best. These are delicious and refreshing. Very pure with no aftertaste at all." - Sheri B.

"So good! No after taste, very refreshing not too sweet. Great natural flavors can’t even pick a favorite but the Cosmo and Margarita standout in the group. I love the company’s conscious efforts to support the environment and female owned companies." - Susan V.

"My favorite flavor is Moscow Mule but all of them are amazing. They’re so flavorful and not too sweet which I love. I also love that they’re sweetened with honey cause there’s nothing like it on the market." - Mackenzie D.

"The flavor was light and refreshing without being too sweet! This is a drink I could sip on all afternoon!" - Katy B.

"These cocktails are so tasty and at the same time not too strong for the taste buds." - Bella B.

"Tastes great, love mission, pretty packaging, healthy ingredients!" - Cathrine G.

"I think the cans are really cute and the drinks taste good." - Caitlin P.

"I like making my own cocktails and entertaining but having a few canned ones that are healthier and keep up with my lifestyle is why I would buy again. I love the name to go along with the healthier organic honey ingredient. I also love that the business arose out of the pandemic. Keep going and making new products!" - Laurenne P.

"The mojito was very delicious. The ease of just pouring a cocktail is awesome." - Dan W.

"The Moscow mule is the best. These are so much better than White Claw." - Luke L.