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Fizzy Beez Promise First Donation

Fizzy Beez was launched with a rock-solid commitment to giving back to the causes that matter most. That’s our Fizzy Beez Promise. On Earth Day, we gifted our very first donation to Cincinnati’s Queen City Pollinator Project, a non-profit committed to protecting pollinators of every sort through education and beekeeping.

QCPP was born out of the friendship that founders Carrie Driehaus and Jenny O’Donnell formed over a beehive and a cup of coffee. They were quickly dubbed Bee-FFs and within a few months, they had formed a 501-C3 with the goal of changing the world. Soon after, the duo became a trio when Sylvana Ross joined the call to action.

The three environmental activists started by planting beehives on rooftops and milkweed in abandoned lots and talking to anyone who would listen about what each of us can do to protect and support pollinators. These passionate worker bees are focused on caring for all pollinators, teaching others how they can join the effort, and working with and supporting other organizations that are already working hard to make Cincinnati a leader in environmental protection and sustainability. Now along with their dedicated board members, QCPP is a vibrant colony of pollinator ecosystem supporters.

Our Fizzy Beez drinks are infused with organic honey, which made QCPP a perfect fit!